Improving - A Microsoft Teams application

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Ruth Hjertmann Christiansen
4. term, Engineering Psychology, Master (Master Programme)
In this thesis the Learning Management System (LMS) is investigated in order to improve the user experience for the students.
Danish students at upper secondary education is investigated with a questionnaire (n=29). After a multiple factor analysis (Kassambara, 2017) it is concluded that the content on the digital learning platform (DLP) and communication is the most significant variables for students perception of their DLP.
After this an expert evaluation of is performed with the use of a hierarchical task analysis and cognitive walkthrough (Benyon, 2014; Stantonm.fl., 2009). This results in proposals for improvement of the usability and user experience for students. However it also sheds light on problems.
Some of these problems are investigated with a usability test (n=4) (Benyon, 2014) during which the subjects are asked to think aloud (Nielsen, 2012). It is found that the subjects are able to hand in assignments in but there are several user experience elements to improve like signifiers, indicators and feedback. It is also found that the students want to locate literature and descriptions of the class’s content if they are to get an overview of said class.
Each of these three parts are discussed and in the end it is concluded how it is possible to accommodate more for the students in based on the information obtained with these investigations.
Publication date2020
External collaboratorInLogic A/S
Cloud Solution Architect Jes Groth Clausen
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