• Søren Heinrich Sternkopf
4. term, Building Informatics (cand.tech.), Master (Master Programme)
This report is a thesis prepared at the 4 semester at Aalborg University in Civil Engineering and Master Title MSc. specializing in Building Informatics.
Aim of the thesis is to develop a prototype system that can identify the utilization of the existing property portfolio using digital information, including BIM.
The system has a special focus on it should be user friendly and support the users' workflows. Studies of users' working methods are therefore used to support the functions of the system as a basis for development of the system by means of methods and studies in system development methodology Contextual Design.
The basis for the report was collected in scientific literature and performance evaluations conducted by experts in the field who has dealt with issues concerning space and efficient use of them.
Investigations carried out on existing ways of working within the field of space management, is carried out with a series of interviews with relevant stakeholders engaged in the field of space management on a daily basis.
Publication date9 Jan 2014
Number of pages88
External collaboratorFrederikshavn Kommune
Peter Munk amel@frederikshavn.dk
Information group
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