• Christian Bager Jakobsen
4. term, Techno-Anthropology, Master (Master Programme)
This report sum up a Master's Thesis at the study programme of Techno-Anthropology at Aalborg University. The project is part of an internship with the energy counselling company Transition ApS. The theme of this project is following up on energy refurbishments. This study has gathered data and experience from municipalities in North Zealand where Transition is counselling citizens. The approach of this study is participant observation and ethnography with a theoretical framework centred around Practice Theory, the Techno-Anthropological Competencies and the Living Lab approach. The report concludes with design guidelines for the follow-up process as well as the value of Techno-Anthropological competences in a professional context.
Publication date16 Dec 2020
Number of pages51
External collaboratorTransition
CEO Rasmus Jakobsen rasmus@transition.nu
Place of Internship
ID: 393249069