• Rasmus Lyngby Kristensen
Facial Expression Recognition (FER) has important extensions to the development of the next generation of Human Machine Interfaces (HMI). In this project, it was proposed to solve the problem of FER in blurred images by using the blur invariant local feature descriptor Local Frequency Descriptor (LFD). Further, it was proposed to use Spectral Clustering (SC) to reduce the dimensionality of local features for FER. The recognition accuracy of LFD was com- pared against that of the blur invari- ant local feature descriptor Local Phase Quantization (LPQ) and the popular local feature descriptor Local Binary Patterns. The recognition accuracy of SC was com- pared against that of Principal Component Analysis (PCA). All recognition accura- cies was measured using Support Vector Machines (SVM). It was found, that LPQ seems to actually provide better recognition accuracy than LFD. Further, it was found that SC in general provides similar or slightly better results than PCA. However, the SC method is more computational expensive.
Publication date4 Jun 2014
Number of pages130
External collaboratorBeijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
Professor Jun Gou goujun(at)bupt.edu.cn


Local Frequency Response
ID: 198516751