Flow nature inside vertical asymmetrically heated channel

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Nikol Venelinova Todorova
  • Radi Dimitrov Dimitrov
In this report is present a study of a flow nature inside vertical, asymmetrically heated, non-convergent channel.
The measured variables are temperatures and velocities inside the cavity. The purpose of the work is to contribute to the understanding of the flow patterns inside enclosed channels and more specifically to Double-Skin facade structures, with supply and exhaust openings located at the vertical surfaces.

A literature review is done, where dimensionless criteria for the characterization of the flow are derived. Based on them all of the experiments are confirmed to result in turbulent natural convection driven flow. The literature review serves also as prerequisite for the assumption of two-dimensional flow inside the cavity, which facilitates the experimental procedure.

To obtain overview and basic knowledge about the physical process and flow patterns inside the cavity is performed a video capturing before the actual experiments. These videos enrich the understanding and help to clarify unexpected flow patterns.

Specific flow structures are examined in a vertical 2D plane, where the focus is set to the boundary layers development on both hot and cold surfaces and in the top part of the experimental cavity. According to literature the current case is characterized as a wide cavity, where the boundary layers along the surfaces are developing separately from each other. Simultaneously, the general flow pattern is connecting the two boundary layers in a global recirculating flow.

To summarize the results from the presented experiments is derived a statement, which generalizes the observed processes of flow movement inside the cavity.
Publication date9 Jun 2016
Number of pages159
ID: 235101732