Flow Field Characteristics in Vertical Channel with One Heated Surface

Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

  • Maria Bagge Mikkelsen
The turbulent natural convection in a vertical parallel-plate channel has been studied in
the present work. A literature study revealed that two types of flow conditions may occur
besides from the standard channel flow. That is, a case of extreme recirculation flow occuring
in the entire channel with air moving downtstream near the heated surface and reversed
direction at the colder surface, and another case where the recirculation flow was appearing
in limited regions. In the studied literature it was proved that the appearance of recirculation
flow was dependent on dimensioless parameters such as Rayleigh and Reynolds number and
Gr /Re2-ratio. Experiments was conducted on a test facility of a vertical parallel-plate
channel with one heated surface, and an effort was being done to find the range of appearance
of recirculation flow compared to the literature. Temperatures were measured along the height
and the width of the channel. They revealed several indiations of occurence of flow reversal
by dynamic behavior and deformations in both vertical and horizontal temperature profiles.
The temperature variations were expected to vary within a small deviation, but due to high
uncertainty regarding the set up and measurements the implications were not proved. At last,
a numerical solution was studied that was validated according to the experiment within a limit
less than 10 %.
Publication date23 Oct 2015
Number of pages195
ID: 220874495