• Oyewole Fasehun
Unresolved problems in the Niger Delta of Nigeria have metamorphosized into full blown crisis. Events now record established militia movements with different degrees of affiliations and sometimes dissimilar aspirations, which readily reflects a crisis with complex dimensions. There are reports of several government initiatives, yet they do not connect with the core needs of the ‘Deltans’; there seems to be a clash of purpose and the parties here have not reached any pungent accord. The communities have gone all out to war with the Multinational companies operating in the region by bombing flow stations, kidnapping expatriate workers and demanding ransom from the organizations. The people of the Niger Delta demand the restructuring of the revenue allocation process, the land use act, end to environmental degradation, social exclusion, unfulfilled promises and unfair federal structure that do not cater for the optimum needs of the minority. These issues they claim underlie the basis for the continued tension in the region. Suggestions have been made and pilot committees have been set up, but the problems linger. The challenge is how to address this crisis after many failed attempts. It is from this background that this thesis aims at finding a key factor that will be pivotal to calming the tensions in the Niger Delta.
Publication date2009
Number of pages70
Publishing institutionAalborg University
ID: 17808127