• Christian Reinhardt Hartvigsen
  • Daniel Lan Heilskov Nguyen
  • Mathias Mosskov Jacobsen
4. term, Software, Master (Master Programme)
Surveys are a common tool to quickly and easily gather information from groups of people. A lot of people are used to getting surveys often, from multiple sources in multiple contexts. It is common for recipients of surveys to not be interested in the surveys they receive, or be fatigued by the number of surveys one receives on a regular basis, making it difficult for the surveyors to get a satisfying number of answers. At the Computer Science department at Aalborg University, semester evaluation surveys are sent out each semester to get the students’ feedback on the current state of the study program. The answer rates are considered unsatisfying, however. This report describes a project, which attempts to alleviate this problem through the use of gamification of survey. Action-Design Research was applied in order to develop a gamified survey as an alternative to the traditional semester survey. Through three iterations, this gamified survey was refined based on data and feedback. The intended primary contribution is a set of design principles, which can help guide future attempts to gamify surveys.
Publication date8 Jun 2023
Number of pages91
ID: 533751284