• Frederik Ditlev Frøling Nielsen
  • Patrick Øllegaard Chieu
4. term, Medialogy, Master (Master Programme)
As the game-industry keeps growing larger and larger, the need for accurate ways of measuring what keeps players engaged with a game grows accordingly. While measuring e.g. engagement, flow or immersion in games are, no doubt, important for the future of game development, we argue that the desire to continuation is absolutely essential for a game's success.

"How can a test methodology framework be designed to evaluate continuation desire in interactive narratives, in a way that gives deeper insight into the specific causes of engagement, and how does the presentation of narrative structures affect players' level of continuation desire?"

Based upon research in topics such as engagement, interactive narratives and continuation desire, we constructed a methodological framework for measuring continuation desire in an interactive narrative game, allowing insight into the attributing factors. This framework was used to evaluate different narrative structures’ affect on continuation desire.

The results of the experiment, conducted to evaluate the success of the framework, showed that the framework is, indeed, able to measure continuation desire, but also shows that further work is required to ultimately confirm its validity. Furthermore, the framework doesn’t take into account how much each category of continuation desire contributes to the overall score.
Finally, the experiment shows that narrative structures does not have a significant impact on players’ continuation desire, but some structures might affect players’ desire to re-play a game.
Publication date2 Jun 2017
Number of pages140
ID: 258872067