• Priyanka Pasupuleti
10. term, Master in Environmental Management (Master Programme)
Developing Nations like India have huge technical background and have the potential to develop newer technologies for sustainable development. Since they come under the category of developing nations, it is common that the infrastructure that contributes to the successful deployment of a technology has many obstacles to over come. However the mechanisms like CDM can prove to an added advantage for a technology like this to flourish. The thesis therefore focuses on studying different factors that affect technology developed for sustainable development in a country like India. Thus the case study Fal-G bricks and blocks has been identified which is a native technology developed in India that contribute to the sustainable development. The research questions are framed to identify the various actors that are involved in the project and also to identify the various factors taht affect the project. Once the research questions are framed, the data is collected by various means and conducting interviews with major contributors of the project. Various theories are applied to perform the analysis on the collected empirical data to identify various actors and their roles, also the various factors that affect the project are identified, which in turn contribute to answer the sub research questions. The results of the analysis showed that some of the identified actors play a positive role in the project while some play a negative role However few of the actors role remains to be analyzed further as their role is ambiguous. The overall picture shows that the actors with ambiguous role have a major part to play in the project which can be either positive or negative.Also the CDM has contributed in promotion of technology by providing the economic support.
Publication date12 Aug 2010
Number of pages106
Publishing institutionAalborg University
ID: 35659767