• Astrid Skriver Jørgensen
4. term, Building Informatics (cand.tech.), Master (Master Programme)
This dissertation spans from October 2015 until January 2016, as the final dissertation for the study Cand. Tech.
Buildings informatics, Aalborg University.
The dissertation deals with optimizing the use of information- and communicationtechnology in Facility
Management, within general housing associations. The study of the case were founded on, Arbejdernes Andels
Boligforening Aarhus(AAB), where a potential for improving the use of IKT, was identified between AAB and their
tenants. The purpose of the study is to invent an ICT-solution, which supports transfer of data and communication
between AAB and their tenants.
The dissertation addresses numerous players from the AEG industry, but primarily general and other housing
Under the entire progress, AAB have been indispensable, in presenting and inspiring, showing and telling about their
IT-system. Also by making all their material available.
Special thanks to Arne Tollaksen, Projectmanager, AAB, who with commitment told about AAB’s digital evolvement.
As to Leif Kruse, Inspector, AAB, for being available with answers and material under the entire process.
The dissertation is with guidance from Kjed Svidt, whom is thanked for his effort throughout the process.
Publication date6 Jan 2016
Number of pages80
ID: 225401750