• Amalia Francisca Robinson Andrade
  • Marialuisa Dubla
  • Simona Mancusi
4. term, Service Systems Design, Master (Master Programme)
This thesis explores how service design can facilitate strategic conversations. The research was conducted through an empirical case together with the leader of a Danish communication design agency, Stupid Studio. The project case consisted of supporting the client in creating a vision for a startup studio, in order to communicate it to potential stakeholders and launch it sustainably. During the project, the team probed service design capabilities and facilitated the client in engaging strategic conversations. It did so by providing expert insights, developing boundary objects to evolve and communicate his concept, mapping a possible service value system, and finally by orchestrating the process and facilitating activities. An open, trustworthy and collaborative client-designer relationship was key to enable the leader. During this process, service designers were confronted with a more agile approach based on the client’s business needs. As a consequence, this project represented a lab where to assess and reflect upon service design strengths and limitations, when applied in a business strategy context.
Publication date27 May 2021
Number of pages174
External collaboratorStupid Studio
Founder Daniel Gjøde daniel@stupid-studio.com
ID: 413012734