• Maria Villadsen
  • Anne Nørholm Iversen
4. term, Service Systems Design, Master (Master Programme)
This thesis explores the challenges of decision-making processes in the context of urban renewal projects. More specifically, it conjoins foresight into the service design approach to enhance pub- lic engagement within decision-making spaces. It does so through the investigation of a total of three themes, these being foresight, service design, and public engagement within decision-mak- ing processes. The choice of these themes was based on the authors’ endeavour to democratise processes specifically by moving service design, foresight, and public decision-making away from expert-dominated forums.
From the extensive investigations done throughout this project it was concluded that futures liter- acy and collective intelligence are crucial to address when navigating within these areas and espe- cially when doing public engagement initiatives. To account for this, the outcome of these explo- rations consists of a framework. The framework was developed as a proposed asset for municipal actors to navigate the complexity of decision-making processes, and to ultimately implement more public engagement initiatives. It was developed through the notion of participatory futures to inno- vate the decision-making processes, within urban renewal projects. Together with the production of preferable futures through systematic thinking and to make planning for the future into an inclusive people-centred, co-creational process.
Publication date25 May 2022
Number of pages191
ID: 471373038