• Bo Lind Jensen
2. term, Computer Science, Master (Master Programme)
This thesis deals with the exploratory testing of a custom created Dual Sided Interface conducted in a lab environment. The purpose of the study was to find and generate a basic understanding of the interactions performed individual people collaborating while presented with information from a custom created Dual Sided Interface.

Eleven test teams which each consisting of two people, were exposed to the same test. The test itself was having the participants read contents from a screen wherein data could be viewed from both directions at a time. Data charts such as Line, Column, Bar and Pie charts were used.

The tests were videotaped and that data gathered was quantified and grouped into different observational patterns, such as how many times the participants performed a flipping operation on a window. Furthermore it was observed that some people had next to no trouble reading content on the screen while it was being displayed in a mirrored form. The custom created Dual Sided Interface did not use a true multipoint implementation but instead a simplified form with let two mouse devices control a single pointer shared among the participants. This might have resulted in a lower interaction rate then had true multipoint been used.

The report concludes that that more research should be done, to establish the true usefulness of a Dual Sided Interface.
Publication date30 Jul 2010
Number of pages58
ID: 35008373