• Mikkel Sang Mee Baunsgaard
  • Oscar Bill Zhou
  • Dávid Mockovský
4. term, Medialogy, Master (Master Programme)
Games can be decomposed into different core-game play tasks, which are all composed of particular action levels. These action levels describe the task in terms of lower-level blocks. One such task is pointing, where a review of existing games showed that pointing tasks usually include a button press as an activation step. This project investigated the use of VR to replace this button press with a particular movement instead, which we called thrusting, thus creating a new type of pointing. Using this in correlation with serious games, we created a VR video-game that facilitates exertion in users, intended either for training, or rehabilitation. A within-subject study (n=24) was carried out, investigating three variations of the thrusting implementation. The results show that an ideal interaction of thrusting would use a combination of the wrist direction and hand movement to determine pointing direction. Most prevalent limitations found were human locomotion and incorrect pre-processing of the controller position values. Future research should investigate the relationship between the wrist direction and movement further, to potentially either enforce particular motions to the user in the context of rehabilitation or to create an exercise game.
Publication date25 May 2023
Number of pages17
ID: 531091424