• Rasmus Fischer Gadensgaard
  • Christian Jødal O'Keeffe
4. term, Software, Master (Master Programme)
This report explores extension of an existing multidevice ecosystem. This is done through the implementation of a system for a specic case: Music production.
The system, documented with a paper, is for mixing audio tracks using a computer, a physical control surface and an iPad. The extension consists of a spatially aware iPad, showing relevant information, and facilitating new interactions through the iPad. The location of the iPad can be used to interact with the other parts of the system.
A study of use of the system has been conducted by expert users from the music department at Aalborg University. They found that the interaction facilitated by the iPad was useful and brought them closer to the music production, however the spatial tracking was confusing. From the study, a set of guidelines has been made, which can be used for further research and development of multi-device extension systems. The report also describes some of the central elements of implementation, as well as ideas for future work.
Publication date14 Jul 2016
Number of pages41
ID: 235315208