• Simone Patricia Vinkel
4. Term, Sound and Music Computing (Master Programme)
This thesis examines the usage of first-order ambisonics in VR concert ex-perinces rendered binarually throughheadphones.Two experiments havebeen conducted with each their indi-vidual concert experience.The firstexperiment (N=27, between group) ex-plore 3 sound experiences in regardsto the effect on presence, quality andpreference: 1) recorded with an am-bisonics microphone (H2n), 2) syn-thesized ambisonics, 3) mono refer-ence. The results did not show anysignificant differences, but there wasa clear preference towards ambison-ics with H2n.The second experi-ment (N=18, within group) explore thesubjective perceptual quality of twodifferent ambisonic microphones (H2nand AMBEO VR), as well as measur-ing and comparison of presence, andalso preference. The results did notshow any significant differences onpresence, and the perpcetual qualityscores were fairly equal. There wasa preference towards the H2n experi-ence. Both experiments show success-ful implementations of ambisonics inVR concerts, that preserve high qual-ity and includes the feeling of “beingthere”.
Publication date2 Jun 2017
Number of pages93
ID: 259040010