• Gulraiz Khan
4. term, Oil and Gas Technology, Master (Master Programme)
Experimental studies of Carbon dioxide Injection for enhanced Oil Recovery Technique. A number of parameters affect the minimum miscibility conditions, including chemical compositions of the oil, the injection gas, and the reservoir temperature. It is also believed that physical dispersion can locally have some impact on the minimum miscibility conditions.The process of achieving miscibility at the minimum miscibility conditions can be different, depending on the compositions of the displacing and displaced fluids and the reservoir temperature. Supercritical extractor unit(SFe-SPE) at high pressure and temperature has been used for determination of MMP of crude oil from Danish North sea (Halfdan oil field). CO2-crude oil system has been used in 9 experiments, using cylindrical core samples and cubical core samples from Danish North sea chalk reservoir, with a temperature range of 50, 60 and 70oC. To analyze the displacement of the crude oil through carbon dioxide flooding, minimum miscibility pressure determination is important parameter. The oil recovery grows sharply till the value of 180 MMP, and the maximum volume of extracted oil occurred at the pressure of 180 bars. It indicates that this value is a MMP. Results are quiet similar with slim tube apparatus. Volume of oil displaced from chalk samples using CO2 injection plotted against pressure gave the minimum miscibility pressure (MMP), and the value determining the applicability of CO2 injection to the oil field. Additionally, volumetric calculations were calculated to show the recoveries ratios. The recoveries ratios for cubical and cylindrical samples were calculated from 26% to 55 percent%, with a pressure range of 100 to 430 bars. Three experiments with different time of extraction were performed at same temperature to check the equilibrium conditions, at 30, 60, and 90 minutes. The MMP value analysed was still the same. Oil samples after extracted from supercritical extraction unit were visualised, and it was found that at pressure of 180 bar oil viscosity was minimum and it was movable like water, which show confirms miscible conditions. Below 180 bar CO2 is immiscible in oil which is confirmed by non movable extracted oil samples. Porosity of cubical and cylindrical core samples was found 36%, saturating with oil and saturating with water was found 39%.
Publication date2009
Number of pages74
Publishing institutionAalborg University Esbjerg


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