Experiencing space for sports: Theoretical part

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Martin Andersen
4. term, Architecture, Master (Master Programme)
This report is the result of the 3rd semester Master in Science, forming the first half of the extended master thesis: “Experiencing space for sports”. The report constitutes a theoretical study concerning future space for sports.

The objective of this project stresses an investigation of the design of future space for sports in a small scale community in a Danish context. This issue is approached by placing social interaction at the core of the interplay between space for sports, body movement and cultural identity. The decision to let this approach initiate the investigation of quality in future space for sports started out as something intuitive: To look at space for sports from the perspective of a bodily experience implied by body movement.

This project identifies the significance of body movement, social interaction and cultural identity facilitated by space for sports. These identifications forms the basis for articulating a design strategy concerning architectural quality in future space for sports in a small-scale community. The design strategy serves as the foundation for designing future space for sports in the village of Godthåb in Northern region of Denmark, presented in the second half of this extended master thesis.
Publication date30 May 2012
Number of pages103
ID: 63411856