• Nicholas Alexander Mäkelä Green
  • Kasper Birkeskov Drejer Axelsen
  • Jacob Kjær Gertsen
4. term, Industrial Design, Master (Master Programme)
This project is the industrial design master thesis consisting of the product Exhume. The project has roots in existing knowledge of mountain bikers and their wish to clean their bikes near the trail, before returning home. Several mountain bikers have contributed throughout the process to the success of the development of Exhume. Currently the mountain bikers have to bring inadequate cleaning equipment that ends up scattered all over or wait to clean the bike until returning home, when they’ve gotten tired and cold. With a dramatic rise of mountain bikers in the aftermath of Covid, the need for such a product is larger than ever.

This process report tries to present the process behind Exhume through five phases from the scoping of the project to the finalized design. Exhume intends to solve the aforementioned issues of cleaning a mountain bike by the trail while trying to become a part of the arms race that rages within the mountain biking world in regards to equipment and accessories.
Publication date2023
ID: 532351768