• Jone Ugarte Valdivielso
  • Abel Thomas
3. term, Energy Engineering, Master (Master Programme)
The instalment of offshore wind power plants is starting to generate new challenges. The connection to the land is typically done by long High Voltage Alternating Current cables. These connections can be critical for the high voltage equipment, as their resonance frequency might be close to lower order harmonics. Under such situations, certain non-linear events can result in a Temporary Overvoltage, which can lead to dielectric breakdown and thermal stresses in insulation material. However, presently, the only standards available to evaluate Temporary Overvoltages are for the fundamental frequency. Thus, this project aims to propose an evaluation procedure for higher frequencies and validate it through a Partial Discharge test. The results obtained show that the inception voltage is higher for higher frequencies. Therefore, the Partial Discharge occurrence does not only depend on the inception voltage. Moreover, in the Temporary Overvoltage test, the inception voltage is lower than the Partial Discharge test. Additionally, the thickness of the material decreases the Partial Discharge E-field inception.
SpecialisationElectric Power Systems and High Voltage Engineering
Publication date15 Dec 2020
Number of pages48
ID: 393169194