• Lenka Chladova
4. term, Energy Engineering, Master (Master Programme)
Due to an increased emphasis on the reduction of emissions from commercial cargo ships,
there has been increased interest in applying emissions reduction technology to marine
vessels. This paper investigates the application of selective catalytic reduction (SCR) for the
purpose of reducing NOx emissions from a large bore slow speed marine diesel engine of the
type that would be typical of a PANAMAX containership. Selective catalytic reduction, which
relies on a catalyst to promote a reduction reaction between NO and NH3, is is a well established
technology that has seen wide application in the shoreside power generation
industry, but for which there have been relatively few applications to marine low speed
diesel engines. This paper investigates the feasibility of applying a selective catalytic reactor
to a large containership propulsion engine by developing a program for sizing SCR units for
various applications. The program is evaluated for an MAN K90 MC-C and K98 MC-C engines,
and the relevant system parameters such as catalyst dimensions, flow rates, Urea
consumption, and NOx reduction profiles are presented.
Publication date10 Dec 2010
Number of pages131
Publishing institutionAAU
ID: 41812176