• Adela-Ioana Moldovan
Rural depopulation is a process happening word wide and has significant consequences on planning the cities where people choose to move, but most important, there is a strong focus in understanding the needs of the inhabitants that have not left their houses in search for a better location, or to formulate solutions in order to prevent this movement. For being able to find and to minimize the areas that are suffering from depopulation, the thesis is built around identifying aspects which are having a considerable impact when deciding to move from or into a new settlement. The process will be taken further by working with demographics, real estate data, landscape capabilities and public transport features, in this way the analysis being developed in the shape of new maps, tables and diagrams that will have the purpose of facilitating the vision behind the research and also getting a more precise understanding of rural depopulation by exemplifying with existing situations and numbers. It was discovered that in case of combining the results given by the various solutions, can be identified non-expected patterns which lead the student to achieve more knowledge of the subject.
Publication date8 Jun 2016
Number of pages80
External collaboratorMichelle Nielsen-Dharmaratne
Michelle Nielsen-Dharmaratne mnd@urland.dk
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