• Kim Højgaard-Hansen
  • Kristian Engh Lundgreen
This work investigates the use-case of streaming audio from a TV to a number of headset using WLAN. During this investigation two requirements are identified: Lip synchronization between audio and video requires a maximum skew of 80ms. An acceptable audio experience requires a maximum packet loss of 1.8% Initial experiments showed that packet loss is the main problem. An analysis is made to find techniques for packet loss recovery, and retransmission is chosen as the packet loss recovery technique to be investigated. A new method of measuring whether the skew requirement is fulfilled is proposed. 802.11 MAC retransmission, UDP, TCP and a developed simple application level retransmission protocol were all evaluated in terms of their performance regarding the skew requirement, the ability to recover from packet loss and the bandwidth usage. It is concluded that there is no significant gain in using more than 802.11 MAC retransmission to recover from packet loss when transmitting unicast streams with high delay requirements.
Publication date2009
Number of pages80
Publishing institutionAalborg Universitet
ID: 17637018