• Sune Waagner Hansen
This paper is a result of a project at Aalborg University the 10. Semester, Chartered Surveyor. It discusses a problem that is created as a result of the changes in Tinglysningsloven, where new demands force the chartered surveyor to geographically define the location of new and existing easements. The project focus on whether those changes effect the daily work of the chartered surveyor or not, and if so in which extent. The project has been done as a study of existing literature and processes used by companies to complete assignments, within this area of expertise. The study of literature is done to build up background knowledge on which the case study could be done. In the case study I have interviewed an employee of LE 34 Århus in order to make a flowchart showing their processes when working with easements. The flowchart has been used to compare existing and new processes in order to identify the differences. With this paper you will get an understanding of how the development of e-Registration has progressed lately and how experts consider this development. The conclusion sum up the facts and arguments from the paper and answer the problem of the project
Publication date2008
Number of pages95
Publishing institutionAAU
ID: 14447787