• Karolis Mikuta Nielsen
4. term, Engineering Psychology, Master (Master Programme)
This Master’s thesis represents the work of developing amodel for evaluating privacy perception for IoT-devices.The model was developed based on a comprehensiveliterature review and the main purpose was to compiledimensions for privacy perception to accommodate forthe physical world. A subset of items have been foundand modified to design a privacy perception scale (PPS).The PPS was used in an experimental set-up. Thesurvey containing the experimental set-up was administeredthrough different network fora. Respondents (N = 46)competed the survey and tested the questionnaire betweentwo conditions. A PCA extraction compared by a parallelanalysis found the model to only have one factor for the firstcondition and a EFA could not be made. This factor had ainternally consistent of (α= 0.924). A difference betweenprivacy perception scale between the conditions was found(r= .80). In conclusion, the study found that the PPS canbe used in order to assess the privacy perception of usersof IoT devices.
Publication date4 Jun 2020
ID: 333600147