A Study in Infrasound and Game Performance

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Kim Young Hornshøj Hansen
4. term, Medialogy, Master (Master Programme)
This study presents a research in infrasound and previous studies made within this field, with the purpose of using infrasound to affect performance in video game players.

Previous studies in infrasound states that infrasound holds psychoacoustic properties that can affect the physiology of the human body increasing parameters such as heart rate and blood pressure. Furthermore, it can induce a fear & anxiety like state, making the body react as being threatened, preparing the body to perform at its peak due to the flight-or-flight response.

In this study a total of 24 participants were exposed to infrasound (10 in a preliminary test and 14 in a final test) on 16Hz at a sound pressure level of 64dB. No changes in heart rate and blood pressure were recorded, but a slight increase in galvanic skin response was noted. For the 14 participants in the final test, a significant increase in game performance was recorded. However due to the test method, more carefully planning of structure of the test is necessary to get reliable data. Therefore conclusion on the final problem statement is in this study, inconclusive
SpecialisationSound and Music
Publication date23 May 2013
Number of pages53
ID: 76669432