A Sociotechnical contribution to business development - Among entrepreneurs

Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

  • Leon Maltesen
  • Thor Larsen-Lechuga
The sociotechnical analysis is carried out using Pinch and Bijker's criticism of technological determinism - The Social Construction of Technology. The sociotechnical analysis highlights how technology can be viewed as a product of human activity, shaped and influenced by social and cultural contexts. The results of the sociotechnical analysis are used in combination with The Multi Business Model Approach to link technology and business development. The thesis focuses on a case company in the construction industry.
Empirically, 5 qualitative interviews have been conducted to uncover current practices among various actors with relationships to the construction industry. The informants were selected based on the "follow the actor" methodology to ensure a broader perspective on technological development.
The thesis demonstrates how the unfolding of the relevant social groups and understanding of the elements that structure their actions contribute to a more nuanced understanding of the solution space that a new startup company operates in. Additionally, the thesis identifies clear connections between the understanding of the value that a technology offers, both from the developer's and potential users and customers' perspectives, and a sociotechnical examination of a technology's development.
Publication date12 Jan 2023
Number of pages116
ID: 509994330