• Anne Højland Brødbæk
This thesis examines sexual abuse of children in Greenland from a situational perspective. It presents the characteristics of relationships between the victim and the perpetrator as well as the characteristics of situations when children are sexually abused. The study is based on a quantitative and qualitative reading of 92 police reported cases of sexual abuse against children in Greenland. The theoretical basis applied is situational theory, victimology and intersectionality. The thesis concludes that most frequently the perpetrator is an adult who was a friend or an acquaintance of the victim before the abuse. Second most frequently, the perpetrator is a family member, and third most frequently the perpetrator and the victim are the same age and were friends or acquaintances before the incident(s). Several different factors characterize the situations that enable sexual abuse. It is concluded that the relationship between the victim and the perpetrator influences the situation. Some conditions recur across relationships and some conditions vary according to relationships. Sexual abuse of children in Greenland most often takes place in the perpetrator's home when the perpetrator is of the same age or an adult. When the perpetrator is a family member, the sexual abuse usually takes place at the shared home address of the perpetrator and the victim. An intersection of social components and material components characterises the situations. One component is relationship as mentioned above, other components are an isolated place, absence of suitable guardians, density of occupancy, alcohol and close bodily contact in the situation before the sexual abuse. In addition, socialization in adolescence has an impact on situations. The intersection of the social and material components enables the sexual abuse in the specific situation.
Publication date30 Jul 2020
Number of pages90
External collaboratorGrønlands Politi
Chefkonsulent Mikkel Høj Svendsen MSV006@politi.dk
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