A home as the best cure

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Marie Pia Kristiansen
4. term, Architecture, Master (Master Programme)
This report is a master thesis project in Architecture, at “Architecture, Design & Media Technology, Aalborg University. The project is a visionary proposal for a new Ronald McDonald Family House for the new Odense University Hospital (translation: Nyt OUH) The project is inspired by an initiating agreement between Ronald McDonald Børnefond and Region Syddanmark, about construction of a Ronald McDonald House, for Nyt OUH, which have to be finished in 2021.

The house is a home away from home, for seriously ill children and their families. It is a house, which gives the families the option to stay together and support each other at the same time as being close to the hospital, in a non-hospitalizes environment. All treatment is located at the hospital. The house is placed in a walking distance from the children’s department of the hospital. The family house is 1740 m2 and provides the family with their own room. The house contains 10 standard family rooms and 2 handicap family rooms, shared kitchen, dining area, laundry and a playground for the children.
The design of the house has a geometric outer shell, and an organic and playing inner courtyard, which are the buildings “inner heart”. The “inner heart” creates a peaceful and shielded green outdoor space where the children can play in a safe environment. The organic shaped façade is creating a movement around the building and generates commend spaces. The way to enter the building provides the users with the possible to choose whether they want to socialize ore not socialize.The greenery surrounding the building, is designed with fruit these. From every family room is an access to each of their private terrace.
The report is structured after the integrated design process method and starts with a problem statement saying; “how to design a Ronald McDonald House, to the new Odense University Hospital, where the architecture can have a beneficial effect on the families healing”. The first phase is the analysis phase containing analysis concerning; the context, Ronald McDonald Houses, related case studies, and theory about homeliness, healing architecture, daylight, acoustic and low energy demands. This is followed by design parameters and a vision for the building. In the sketching phase the concept development are described, and end up with a concept diagram. In the synthesis phase the building find its final form, in an integrated dialog with the technical knowledge, calculation and aesthetics. This results in a building containing, good daylight and acoustic condition meeting the low energy class 2020. The building contains integrated values from healing architecture, in a consciously use of greenery surrounding the building, good daylight condition and acoustic environment, which reduces noise nuisances and different kinds of private and social spaces. All these parameters affect the families healing process, comfort and wellbeing. In the end of the report the project is presented.
Publication date14 Jun 2012
Number of pages115
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