• Liv de Raeymaekers
  • Marie Steen Tvergaard
4. term, Clinical Science and Technology, Master (Master Programme)
Introduction: The population in Denmark is overall getting older, which means there are more chronic patients and therefore a rising need for focus on complex treatments. This is paradoxical since there at the same time is less people in the workforce to deliver this necessary care. Sharing data across sectors is therefore described as a solution to the lack of workers in several healthcare and digital strategies in the past years.
Method: With a hermeneutic approach, qualitative semi-structured interviews of two rounds are made. The first round includes both healthcare professionals and citizens with COPD. The second round is interviews with the healthcare professionals based on the results from the first round.
Results: Established guidelines and authorizations have influence on choice of data. The organizational workflow on COPD in exacerbation influences the choice of data. There is a difference between whether data is relevant and which data is considered relevant, depending on the role and authority of the healthcare professional. Employment conditions and organizational structures have an impact on opting in or out of data. Past experience has an impact on the healthcare professionals' assessment of the solution model. There must be an obvious advantage in terms of saving time and better overview in the solution model’s support of the healthcare professionals’ treatment. Work culture is a crucial part in the need for guidelines to feel safe working with data sharing.
Conclusion: One universal solution can not currently be made, as an organizational as well as a technological solution will support different needs and workflows.The need for which data to share in order to support cross-sectoral cooperation must be defined on the basis of a common goal. Citizens with COPD must not play a crucial role in the data sharing through cross-sectoral treatment.
Publication date21 Jun 2019
Number of pages72
ID: 305175925