• Sofie Sejer Skoubo
4. term, Public Administration and Social Science (Master Programme)
For the last ten years there have been a bigger focus on implementing welfare technology in the public sector due to the demographic development. Welfare technology has a big potential in other areas than just health care and elder care sector, which this master focuses on. In this study I will focus on an alternative solution for home bound service, where more and more studies have shown that it practically does not work. Here I will look into how an alternative solution can help decrease the consequences of a high sick leave and social isolation. In this study robot technology has been chosen for public schools, and for kids with muscular dystrophy to study the pro’s, con’s and challenges from the use of robot technology as an alternative to home bound service. The theoretical basis comes from Orlikowski & Gash’s technological frames and the concept of empowerment. I will describe four welfare technologies potential to give insight to why it is a political priority. Besides there will be a literature review of the research “robot technology in public schools” where the objective is to decrease sick leave and social isolation to create a better understanding in the pro’s, con’s and challenges the three kids/parents and a principal have been experiencing. I have conducted an interview with the involved stakeholders on how it has been for them to try the new technology in school. Based on the analysis I can say that all involved parties have been very motivated to implement the robot technology in the classroom. But we need knowledge and experience how to understand and organize the new procedures, which the robot creates. There have also been ethical and safety concerns regarding the implementation of the robot. The different stakeholders involved does not have the same frame on how to implement the robot which makes it challenging.
Publication date10 Sept 2020
Number of pages73
External collaboratorMuskelsvindfonden
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