Estimation of Wind Speed and Shear on Wind Turbines

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Jesper Mogensen
  • Anders Wittendorff
  • Mikkel Urban Kajgaard
4. term, Control and Automation, Master (Master Programme)
The goal for this project has been to develop a wind turbine model describing the deflections and displacements of the physical and mechanical parts as a function of incident wind for a 5 MW wind turbine. An estimator for estimating wind by terms of hub height wind speed and vertical shear should also be designed. An LPV model has been partly derived, in the means of stating the principles. However, not all of the terms necessary to express the model behaviour by means of system matrices describing mass, stiffness and damping, have been derived due to the time limitations of the project period. The model is instead tested and validated with system matrices from a rotor angle dependent linearisation, obtained from the NREL FAST toolbox for MATLAB. The model is validated against simulations using this toolbox as well. The derived model shows potential when simulated against the non-linear model from FAST, but deviates when the inputs deviates from the operating points. A linearised Kalman estimator has been designed, which estimates the two wind parameters subjected to process- and measurement noise with a mean deviation of respectively 1.22 % and 0.33 %.
Publication date6 Jun 2013
Number of pages131
ID: 77282128