• Karolina Gruodis
  • Kseniya Pedersen
4. term, Tourism, Master (Master Programme)
The present Master thesis takes its point of departure in the field of Web-based virtual experiences and centres on experiences from the perspective of the Experience Economy, including experiences in general consumption situations and in a more specific tourism related virtual environment; and the concept of flow as a psychological side of experiences. According to an explorative nature of the research, attention is in particular directed at understanding how flow construct may be applied to the Experience economy and discussed within the four realms of experiences in web-based touristic virtual environment. In relation to this, notion of immersion within four realms of experiences and flow has been conceptualized. Empirically, by means of review of the website representing a destination for gourmet travelling River Cottage and interviews with visitors of the website, it was indented to seek practical evidence for this paper’s theoretical predictions. The study explores ways in which optimal flow experience perceived by interviewees can be established within the four realms of experiences, as well perceived by interviewees, on the website River Cottage.
Publication date2010
Publishing institutionAalborg Universitet
ID: 19670296