• Liv Lykke L√¶rkegaard
  • Dlawa Qadri
This comparative and quantitative study seeks to compare sexual offense charges and the perpetrator behind the crime in an offline and online context, based on North Jutland Police department records between 2017-2021. In this paper, two descriptive, and two separate LPM-regression models were used to analyse the charges (journal numbers) and unique perpetrators (identification key), as there are several ways to study the phenomenon. It has therefore given the study more validity since both models, in most cases, presented the same results. The coefficient for the variable 'recidivism' changed depending on the model used, although the p-values were insignificant. Based on six inde- pendent variables, the results of this study found some differences between sex offenders who commit sexual offenses in an online setting compared to those in an offline setting. In this study, men were less likely to commit an online sex offense compared to women based on the regression models, although there were significantly more men who had been convicted of a sexual crime than women in this dataset. On average, online sex offenders were 5 years younger than offline sex offenders. Other areas where online sex offenders differ from offline sex offenders were found in the descriptive analyses in the police records. Also, it took on average more than a hundred days for online sex offense cases to be charged and convicted compared to offline sex offenses. This considerable gap is due to online sex offenders having the opportunity to sexually offend more victims at the same time compared to offline sex offenders, which were also observed in the dataset. We have also checked for those who have committed both online and offline sex offenses and only 19 offenders were identified out of 583 unique perpetrators. Although it has not been possible to check for other factors such as level of education, socioeconomic background, psychological, etc., this study indicates the existence of a group of offenders who only commit online sex offenses.
Publication date7 Jun 2022
Number of pages60
External collaboratorNordjyllands Politi
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