• Heidi Sloth Bengtsen
4. semester, Sports Science, Master (Master Programme)
Purpose of this study: The present study sat out to explore how being obese is articulated and experienced in the postmodern society, and how the experience is consistent with the health terms and body acceptance. Background: During the last 30 years the amount of obese people in Denmark have been rising. The obesity evolvement has erupted whilst new terms and norms of health has been on the rise. A new ‘health wave’ has arrived in Denmark, rooting from the United States of America. The health wave promotes body positivism, fat acceptance and a varied understanding of the post-modern body ideal. The health wave focusses on ending obesity stigma, discrimination and fat shaming. This study will therefore examine how the new health wave and its intentions, is experienced. Methods: The previous is examined with a case study using participant interviews and a thematic analysis. Results: Based on the thematic analysis four themes were identified; 1. The post-modern society, 2. life with obesity, 3. what is health? and 4. obesity is a symptom. Conclusion: The results were compared to the study purpose and showed that the experience of being obese and how it is articulated in the post-modern society is understood through many facets. Also, how this is consistent to the health term and body experience is influenced by different experiences. The participants were found in agreement of one attitude towards obesity, and that is that obesity is a symptom of some mental issues and traumas.
Publication date3 Jan 2020
Number of pages82
External collaboratorAalborg Sundhedscenter
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