• Helena Amalie Haxvig
4. term, Techno-Anthropology, Master (Master Programme)
To gain an understanding of the complexities that constitute the field of AI, primarily seen in relation to interdisciplinary research projects with other fields, this study set out with the scope presented in the following problem statement: How are differences in epistemic cultures and milieu experienced by researchers participating in the practice of knowledge production within an interdisciplinary project involving AI? The thesis is based on a qualitative case study of an interdisciplinary research project between two departments at Aalborg University, "Built Environment" and "Architecture, Design and Media Technology", concerning the application of AI in the optimisation of indoor visual comfort. The knowledge and empirical data was gained through participation in meetings, conduct of interviews, and access to personal and official communication related to the case. The empirical data was analysed through the perspective of a theoretical framework build from several literature reviews, focused on interdisciplinary knowledge production and the notion of epistemic cultures, among others. With no tensions present in the immediate collaboration of the case, focus turned towards tendencies affecting the relationship between the fields of Civil Engineering and Artificial Intelligence. Through this, approaches towards a diffusion and demystification of AI were identified in relation to applicability of Computer Vision in the field of Built Environment.
Publication date30 Apr 2021
Number of pages68
ID: 410498768