Enzymer i vaskemiddel: Emzymes in detergent

Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

  • Nikolaj Døssing Bak
  • Thomas Mølgaard Johannsen
  • Christian Dandanel Jørgensen
  • Stine Bothilde Mortensen
  • Iben Engell Paulsen
  • Casper Abildskov Lind
  • Erika Svødstein
1. term, Biotechnology, Bachelor (Bachelor Programme)
Global warming is a gradually change in temperature on the Earth's surface, the atmosphere and seas. Global warming creates different problems around the world. There are different causes of the global warming and some of them can be prevented or diminished completely by the exchange of different solutions. In this project Group 316a of Aalborg University will try to compile a problem statement to investigate a way to prevent global warming, by experimental examination of enzymes and extremozymes in cold- and warm water detergent.
Publication date10 Oct 2016
Number of pages26
ID: 241777611