Entrepreneurial study programs and their use

Student thesis: Master Thesis and HD Thesis

  • Benedikt Zaleha
4. semester, Entrepreneurial Engineering, Master (Master Programme)
There were observed many studies showing that entrepreneurial education has a positive impact on creating and awaking entrepreneurial intentions. However, many of them focus on entrepreneurial education in general, and there is a lack of relevant literature about academic entrepreneurship. Therefore, this thesis holds the focus on entrepreneurial master’s degrees. This is achieved by a quantitative study analysing courses, employment and knowledge of their graduates who not only end up creating companies, but also find their place in well-established companies while still pursuing entrepreneurial ideas. There are described the results of entrepreneurial graduates, and there is proposed a course structure with teaching methods for entrepreneurship. In simple words, this thesis aims to increase the awareness of academic entrepreneurial education in European countries and especially in Denmark.
Publication date2 Jun 2021
ID: 413546150