• Dennis Godtfredsen
4. term, Medialogy, Master (Master Programme)
Taking a broad look into role-playing games both within the field of computer games and outside, role-play is being used for a lot more then just recreation some of the prime examples are the area of education. The different fields within this project is Role-play, LARP(live action role-play) and RPGs(role-playing games). Looking into the genre within computer games little research has been carried out into the underlying system but only as a whole. For evaluation purposes it was found that much of the role-playing elements is a result in how well well the player identifies with the character and the identity that is created when playing.

A focused system where created with a limited scope to character identification. The main points of interest when dealing with identification are, control and character uniqueness, the different components that will be included in the new leveling and skill systems are, mastery level, skill creation, combine skills, super skilling and the removal of a class system. These aspects where taking into consideration for the implementation.The implementation goals where to create an RPG experience without class and a select amount of skills/abilities, to that end it was decided to use a the game Xcom2 as a basis for a mod. the mods aim is create a sort of Archetype soldier class, which will replace all the current class in the game. The archetype class consists of using abilities from all the default class to allow for as many combinations as possible, secondly the amount of possible perk picks per rank is to be increased, and lastly all weapons should be made available to this archetype class. The Final iteration out of three resulted in the use of two mods "Enhanced Perk Tree" and "Field Medic Class" to allow the player to complete freedom in sense of no class and having to pick between seven perks per rank.

The testing where divided into two online groups the first one that tested the implementation and answering a questionnaire, the other group consists of have a focus group based on the mod created, this focus group would explore what the changes meant and discuss the aspects of class and skill in more general sense as well. The first group failed in the recruitment so no results where gained, the second group consists of a veteran/expert group of gamers. This group found that it was more fun to play without classes and the amount of skill should be a balance between usability and amount of choices, secondly they would discard their own way of doing things if a more optimized build was available, even if it meant changing the way they played.
Publication date26 May 2016
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