• Iulia Marginean
Energy generation from fossil fuels is the primer cause for increased concentration of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere. Global climate change is the result of intensive energy consumption. Renewable energy costs remain too high for these technologies to become mainstream. Governments have acknowledged this issue and strive to promote energy efficiency policies. Services that create energy savings represent a key tool for energy consumption decrease. Energy performance contracting can be understood a successful energy service and it is being promoted on a European level. This research aims to understand energy performance contracting activity and development and seek for opportunities to enhance its capabilities. The history of this model in Czech Republic provided a suitable case for the purpose of this research. The current situation and opportunities for dissemination of energy performance contracting were studied based on system theory and relevant information acquired during the study trip in Prague. The final results of the empirical research concluded with five opportunities for dissemination of the energy performance contracting in Czech Republic.
SpecialisationEnvironmental Management and Sustainability Science
Publication date2013
Number of pages64
ID: 80454556