• Phillip Bengtson Jørgensen
  • Jonas Bylling Andersen
4. term, Software, Master (Master Programme)
Currently there is a focus on energy awareness.
This report focuses on performing energy measurements on tests, with the goal of integrating these measurements into a Continuous Integration.
We do this by integrating energy measurements into the MSTest framework. Upon investigation we find that measurements are often inaccurate and therefore test the limitations of Intel RAPL with regards to sampling rate. From this knowledge we establish a minimum testing duration.
We detect energy differences in Newtonsoft.JSON-framework through unit tests. The first being for Integer serialization and the second being for path traversal.
We are able to measure the energy consumption of tests and are able to detect differences in energy consumption and run time between the changes introduced to the code.
The contribution is methodology regarding how the changes in energy usage of tests can be measured as well as how smaller tests can be accurately measured using Intel RAPL.
Publication date10 Jun 2022
Number of pages82
ID: 472495097