• Jens Peder Bjerre Nikolajsen
  • René Rohde Martensen
4. term, Master of Building Physics (Continuing Education Programme (Master))
For this project the starting point is a specific property erected in 1986-87 following building regulations BR 85-S. Thus the focus of this report is the owner of the property and homeowners of the same type of house.
Through calculations in Be18 it will be clarified which measures needs to be taken to comply with respectively renovation class 1 and 2 and which measures needs to be taken to comply with the demands of the energy frame for construction of new buildings. The indoor climate of the existing residence will be analysed and compared with the homeowners experiences of the indoor climate in the day to day situation. Through simulations in WUFI the conditions present after re-insulation of the attic construction will be made clear.
Similarly, HEAT2 calculations of assembly detail between window and masonry have been carried out in order to assess the significance of alterations in the thermal bridge break.
The costs associated with the various measures will be illuminated, and advantages and any disadvantages that may be expected when implementing the selected measures will be discussed.
An attempt has been made to apply realistic prices for the selected renovation measures via offers from construction companies. The costs for energy renovation are compared with the added value of the property estimated by a local real estate broker, which is considered realistic for the area. Finally, it is discussed whether building a completely new house might be more attractive to the homeowners.
Calculations through out the project have shown that renovation class 2 and subsequently renovation class 1 can be achieved when carrying out relatively few measures, but that it is not profitable in relation to the value added to the property. When carrying out a comprehensive total renovation, it is possible to comply with the energy framework requirement for new construction in BR18. However, a comprehensive complete renovation of the property will not be profitable for the homeowners in the same way.
Publication date3 Jun 2019
Number of pages62
ID: 304739833