Energy conversion of local unexploited biomass in a national perspective

Student thesis: Master thesis (including HD thesis)

  • Kim Clausen
  • Uffe Vinther Kristensen
In order to create a fossil free energy system, the energy that can be produced from unexploited biomass should be used in an energy efficient way. This master thesis examines how the local unexploited biomass most effectively can be integrated into the Danish energy system. In continuation hereof, it is studied how such integration can be secured.

Firstly, a technical system analysis is simulated in EnergyPLAN, with the aim of adapting an increased amount of fluctuated energy. Then, it is analysed how rationales at a local and national level determines, how the local unexploited biomass will be used. This is done through a number of possible conversions. The basis of the local approach is Ringkøbing Skjern Kommune.

The final analysis is based on a specific challenge; the possibility of a local competition for the restricted biomass resources. Is this case, the consequence will be suboptimisation or system integration. Therefore, it is argued that a strategy for use of unexploited biomass will be necessary, in order to secure an energy efficient use.

The local biomass strategy is decided through a theoretical optic, named Choice Awareness. Here, central actors’ rationale for use of biomass will decide how the use should take place, and which consequences this will contribute, locally and nationally.

A conclusion is made upon the connection between the local planning and the national energy system. It is concluded that the most energy efficient use of the unexploited biomass resources is usage in the national energy system. Likewise, it is concluded that the usage will happen differently on a local perspective, versus a national perspective. It is not possible to directly conclude, how the use is carried out in an energy efficient way. Therefore, it is concluded that a discussion on an actual use strategy should be integrated.
Publication date7 Jun 2012
Number of pages119
ID: 63639651