• Johannes van den Heuvel
4. term, Techno-Anthropology, Master (Master Programme)
In this project I investigate, what computational empowerment is [digital myndiggørelse]. This is done in the limited field of the test school-subject called technology comprehension [teknologiforståelse]. The investigation is based on Actors-network theory, with particular focus on computational empowerment as a partially existing object. Through three analysis based on policymakers, subjectdevelopers and educational personal, I conclude that there exist at least four enactments of computational empowerment. The four enactments are 1) a holistic critical reflective gain, 2) a skillset rather than an abstract understanding. 3) the insight into digital artifacts that others make and understanding the context they are in, in our society. 4) on spectrum of a “digital social science” that only reflect about theoretical problems to a computational empowerment which can articulate reflections and criticism of technology based on inputs from the other competency areas.
With the last chapter before the conclusion I emphasize the need to acknowledge the multiple enactments and how all these four enactments of computational empowerment have to be taken into account in the following policy making process, where in politician has to take over, in 2021.
Publication dateJun 2020
Number of pages63
ID: 333548641