• Peter Vildsted Nielsen
  • Kent Vestergaard Vinther Christensen
Initially, the project team presented the background and motivation of the thesis, which is based on the initiating problem:

What factors are essential for a successful construction project?

A feasibility study addresses the factors that are essential for achieving success. This leads to a focus on the topic of process values, the project will explore further. Then dealt a quantitative serious analysis on the basis of the North Jutland construction industry positions on a number of hypotheses, based on the treated process values. The results from the study leads to the final problem formulation:

Which actions could be taken to make better use of the contractor's knowledge in the early stages of the construction process?

Based on the problem formulation produced a qualitative detailed analysis of data from stakeholders in the North Jutland construction industry. The analysis sheds light on possible effects and causes of non- use of the contractor's knowledge. The analysis concludes with the diagnosis and the development of solutions to these problems. In light of the diagnosed solution approach the dissertation solutions based around three levels, with value-based cooperation as the final solution. Subsequently, a general assessment and discussion made. This points the way to what the thesis output can contribute to the construction industry, as well as the dissertation overall reliability and validity examined. In conclusion, presented the conclusion that a forward-looking perspective, and a backward reflection.
Publication date8 Jan 2014
Number of pages112
ID: 173306771