• Sara Harboe
  • Mie Berg Hansen
4. term, Social Work, Master (Master Programme)
This thesis focuses on the coordinating counselling efforts that are managed and offered for abused women who are admitted to a crisis centre in Denmark. We have therefore investigated the challenges and opportunities seen in the handover between the crisis centres and the coordinating counsellors in the municipalities and how these affects whether women come back to the crisis centre or not.

The coordinating counselling efforts are organized and managed differently from municipality to municipality, which is why there is a significant disparity in the help women receive during and after their stay at the crisis centre. This also challenges the handover in practice. This is expressed by the fact that some women are assigned a counsellor without specialist knowledge of violence or sufficient time and resources allocated to the effort. This makes establishing a relationship, trust, and confidentiality between the woman and the coordinating counsellor difficult. Opportunities arise, however, when the coordinating counsellors have the knowledge and skills to understand the woman's life situation and behavior patterns. This also prevents the counsellor from misunderstanding the woman's behavior and making wrong decisions when working with the woman. Time and resources also contribute to creating more flexibility in the work and allowing the relationship between the woman and the coordinating counsellor to be prioritized to a greater extent.

We have also recommended several measures that should be implemented in practice to optimize the handover and prevent the above challenges from occurring. Firstly, we recommend implementing guidelines for the coordinating counselling effort to ensure more uniformity in the help of abused women. Secondly, more flexible working hours should be created for the coordinating counsellors to be available when women need help. Thirdly, we recommend implementing joint theme days for the crisis centres and the coordinating counsellors to ensure professional knowledge and quality in work with the women. Overall, these measures should help optimize the handover and help prevent the women from repeatedly staying at the crisis centres in Denmark.
Publication date1 Jun 2023
Number of pages96
ID: 532266683