• Amalie Sanderson Darville
4. term, Sustaianable Cities, Master (Master Programme)
This thesis investigates the partnerships model Practical Innovative Partnerships (PIP) ability as a tool for Danish Municipalities to use their agency to create seedbeds for sustainable innovation. The main research question being: How can the agency and governance of Danish municipalities be used through Practical Innovative Partner-ships (PIP) as a seedbed for the development of a sustainable transi-tion in the Danish building industry?
Based in the theoretical approach Transition Theory, with the newer situated transition space and seedbed concepts applied a mix of pri-mary data collected at a workshop, previous research on PIP, expert interviews, and secondary data from documents such as journal articles and legal proceedings are analyzed.
Each chapter of analysis set out to answer a sub-question to the main research question. Chapter 6 finds the state of the art is such that there is good evidence for the municipalities having a positive effect on sustainable development when engaged but that there also are several challenges to this. Chapter 7 finds that key elements of PIP can be used to aid the municipalities apply their agency to creating a seedbed for innovation. Chapter 8 finds that it is difficult to 100% ensure a sustainable outcome but that through honest collaboration with research, transparency in the projects, sharing of knowledge and not biting off more than you can chew the municipalities employ PIP to add to sustainable development.
Finally, all these findings are set together in discussion to conclude that through honest collaboration with research, transparency in the projects, sharing of knowledge and finding their space on the PIP spectrum in a given project, the municipalities can employ PIP to create a seedbed for sustainable innovation.
Publication date3 Jun 2022
Number of pages45
External collaboratorJuul & Hansen Arkitekter
Arkitekt MAA, Leder Asger Juul asj@juul-hansen.dk


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