• Alessandro Ranieri
  • Rasmus Elbæk Andersen
Introduction: Assessing reflex modulation during gait is of interest for research aiming to help people that suffer from gait deficits as a result of injuries to the nervous system. For the hamstring muscles there is a lack of techniques and studies for investigation of the H-reflex.
Problem formulation: Can a protocol based on H-reflex techniques targeting the sciatic nerve be used to assess reflex phase modulation in the hamstrings during gait? Problem Solution: Constant current stimulation was applied to a grid of electrodes to find an optimal site based on H and M waves in both biceps femoris and soleus. Stimulation was then administered to ten volunteers, in different parts of the gait cycle. Result: Phase modulation consistent with results from literature were observed. For some subjects cross spinal responses could be elicited. Conclusion: H-reflex techniques can be adapted to the hamstrings in dynamic studies.
Publication date3 Jun 2015
Number of pages104
ID: 213558560