• Troels Bastholm
4. term, Signal Processing and Computing, Master (Master Programme)
This master thesis oth methods were found such botcovers an analysis and design of a forward-backward filtering model to achieve linear phase. The model is realized by the use of a block processing technique. An analytical derivation of the model is carried out and described in details. Further the model is analyzed to conclude how the exact amplitude response of the model should be found. The model is evaluated against a Folded FIR filter which is seen as a reference filter. It is further found that the more narrow the transition band is bigger the advantages to the forward-backward filtering model is in terms of mathematical operations.

Fixed-point filters for bh filters comply with the same amplitude specification. RTL designs of the two models were developed in order to be able to estimate the energy consumption. It was found that the energy consumption could be lowered by 25 \% with the use of the forward-backward filtering model.
Publication date13 Apr 2015
Number of pages79
ID: 209713116